Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I've Been Away Part II

Leaving home at eight o'clock on Friday morning, we got to our first Coloradan destination of interest at Aaron and Lacey's quaint, little cottage in Greeley in the late afternoon/early evening, that is, after we had a much desired dinner at Panda Express. Employees who can speak English fluently are desirable in the restaurant business, but not top priority at Panda Express, apparently.

Nevertheless, deliciousness ensued.

Spending the rest of the evening at Aaron and Lacey's place, then to the hotel, ended the first day.

The next morning saw us up and ready to head to the mou'ains. (Get used to the Coloradan accent, which I must use to tell this tale... it often doesn't use t's or d's in the middle of a word, though there are exceptions.)

We went through Loveland, a lovely land, and ascended to the Two Eagles Resort, which rested high atop the Rocky Mou'ains, next to the Big Thompson River.

We eventually realized the television didn't work, and when this was reported, the lady who owned the place said a television "isn't in the contract" and "...most people come up here to get away from the cell phones, etc."

We soon learned that front doors with latches, functioning refrigerators, clear water, and working light bulbs were also not in the contract. These and other things proved to be about four days' worth of jokes about what people come to the mou'ains to get away from.

These things could hardly put a damper on this fine vacation, though!

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